I CrossFit to be able to survive the coming zombie apocalypse.  Question who would survive best, the weight lifter or runner?  Weight lifter doesn't have cardio and the runner would not be able to fight off a close quarter attack.  With the full functional training we are getting ie: rope climbs, pull-ups, box jumps, sprints, bench.  CrossFitters would be able to fight, run, and protect themselves as well as their families against zombies.  If the zombies turn out to be like 28 Days Later zombies, then we have a good chance of surviving.  Survival of the FITTEST!  If Walking Dead zombies then most will do ok, but we have the advantage.  SO in closing, I crossfit to survive against the zombie apocalypse.

Also because I love the ppl I workout with daily.  <3 the community and support from everyone.  Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Gerry M., Member since June, 2013