1-take home equipment

2- get new equipment weekly

3- Live ZOOM CLASSES daily

4- Barbells in the park

Request Equipment here!

  • Take Home Equipment!
    Members can borrow equipment for home use based on availability. Request your equipment online, get an availability confirmation email, and come pick it up. It's that easy!

  • New Equipment Weekly!
    CrossFit is all about varying your workouts, even at home. That's why members can trade their borrowed equipment for something new each week! This keeps workouts exciting and fitness well-rounded!

  • Live Zoom Classes Daily!
    We offer LIVE Zoom classes twice daily with a certified CrossFit instructor. To keeps things spicy the programming themes change periodically with new equipment that’s available for pick-up at our gym!

  • Barbells in the Park!
    Don’t have a space in your home to lift heavy? Need to use a rower or air bike? Don’t worry! We have a public space steps away from our gym where workouts can be done outside and at appropriate social distancing! Borrow some gear from our gym and walk on over!

Request Your Gear!

Please submit in order of most desired. We make our best effort to provide 2-3 pieces of equipment at a time.

Please note everything is ordered individually, so if you would like a pair of something, please enter it twice.