New Year. New YOU!

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what's your fitness goal?

Come discover your FULL potential.

  • Monica G.
    ✓ Lose 50 Pounds: Goal Accomplished!
  • Joy W.
    ✓ Rope Climb: Goal Accomplished!

  • Mike S.
    ✓ Complete a Muscle-up: Goal Accomplished!

  • Ryan T.
    ✓ Finish a Spartan Race: Goal Accomplished!

crossfit woodland hills is for everyone!

Each workout is personally modified to your fitness level!

2 Gyms.  1 Price.

We are the only CrossFit with an additional location in the Valley (CrossFit Studio City).  This means no matter what side of the Valley you find yourself on, you’re always close by a CrossFit to call home.


More convenience and less excuses!


And best of all, your membership allows you access to both locations at no additional cost.

Body Composition Scan Available!

Track muscle gained and fat lost as you continue with CrossFit!

why i crossfit

Reserve your first class here!


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